IMG EXPO 2018 Educational Experience



Expand your business line specialties. Transform your claims handling with Xactimate. Giving you the ability to gather loss information, sketching a diagram of the structure, immediately select project costs, Xactimate allows to work 20% faster than conventional methods. Increase your time management and value adding services. In addition, enhance your specialties with Infrared Thermographer Designed to teach home inspectors the practice of thermography. This course provides fundamental thermography practices, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical defects identifiable with infrared inspections. Finally, learn how to start your own Mold Inspection & Remediation company which handles all aspects of the mold remediation process. This requires the right training by experienced instructors and training providers. Our Mold Inspection & Remediation courses cover all aspects of the mold remediation process including: inspections, assessments, sampling methods and report interpretation. We will close with the necessary steps to perform systematic jobsite activities. Improve your business flexibility and expand your profitability. When it comes to storm chasing, timing is the name of the game. Knowing the ever-changing licensing and FEMA requirements with specific state rules, we are here to inform on how to operate legally and resource enhancements. Join a broad network of the who’s who of this industry, enforcing your reputation.


TRACK 02: Advances in technology are changing so quickly that today’s data-driven business operator can scarcely keep up. Join in on the cutting edge of data developments as they tackle recent challenges and opportunities related to smart index mapping, hail maps, CRM, aerial measurements, social media, tech disruptions, and more.

Sales Academy

TRACK 03: Performance and CX unite. Join creative-minded executives for lively discussions of the latest behavioral sales training strategies related call reluctance, referral solicitation, consulting, demand generation, client engagement how to live your brand and more. Focus is to grow your top-line profits, add to your footprint to gain market share. at.

Public Adjuster Academy

TRACK 04: Join experts in the Public Adjuster field, hosting a Beginners and Expert course structure. Insurance companies have their adjusters look out for their own interests, public adjusters represent the interest of the policy holder and not that of the insurance company. As a contractor, company adjuster or someone who loves to see the little guy win, this could be a career for you. Introductory classes will walk you through the claims process from start to finish, how to speak to property owners, policy holder interest and more. The advanced class structure will take a deep dive into policy and highlight more advanced techniques towards analyzing coverage and the spirit of adjusting with live role playing showing you the industry nuances, techniques and on the spot creative problem-solving.

Real Estate

TRACK 05: Get the edge in today’s HOT real estate market. From flipping to property management, hear from industry leaders on how to increase cash flows, implement ancillary income, renting and renovating, this covers in-depth all major types of apartment and residential properties and the how-to’s on turning a defunct property into a million dollar machine.


TRACK 06: These presentations are packed with research, case studies, tactical best practices and future-looking trend analyses from top industry veterans and solutions providers in the real estate/insurance space. IMG is combining a 360⁰ view including Taxation and Finance, this curated track made for the self-made, ready-to-be tycoon. Industry leaders have the answers to your most pressing entrepreneurship challenges on how to scale operations, linking strategy and execution.

Play The Legal Offense

TRACK 07: Learn the legal strategies and tactics necessary to survive and thrive in the turbulent waters and market conditions associated with the insurance claim industry. Empowering your knowledge base on contract law and systematic abuses from insurance companies, this is a track your business cannot afford to miss.